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Shenzhen Tengji Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive construction enterprise which integrates curtain wall and decoration design, engineering construction, technical services, high-end imported materials sales and processing. Existing qualifications: construction curtain wall engineering professional contract grade 1, construction decoration and decoration engineering professional contract grade 1, construction decoration engineering design special grade B, construction curtain wall engineering design special grade B, and through the quality management system (GB/T19001-2016/1S09001:2015) construction enterprise quality management system (GB/T50430-2007), environmental management system (GB/T24001-2016/1S014001:2015) post Industry health and safety management system (GB/T28001-2011) certification, relevant industry certification is complete.

As for curtain wall, we can undertake the general contracting of all kinds of building curtain wall, including glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, photoelectric curtain wall system, intelligent curtain wall door and window system, external wall maintenance system, etc. It can provide "turn-key" service from scheme consultation, scheme design, system design (fire curtain wall, special shape curtain wall, photovoltaic curtain, etc.) to structural process design, material supply, processing and manufacture, to site construction and system maintenance after completion.

In terms of decoration, we provide professional architectural decoration design scheme and deepening drawing service. We are a comprehensive service provider integrating cost consultation, engineering construction, architectural acoustics consultant, environmental art display, home integration, material distribution and after-sales management.

In terms of technology, our team is committed to the technological research and innovative development of curtain wall and decoration, applying the latest products and technologies of the global curtain wall and decoration industry, and has good cooperative relations with famous international design and engineering companies and high-end building materials suppliers to provide customers with the latest and best system solutions. We have jointly established curtain technology center and building big data application technology research institute with the world's top 500 enterprises and well-known academicians. We are committed to building leading curtain wall decoration enterprises in the industry.

Entered the new era, teng base construction has developed rapidly, the construction of shenzhen ping an's financial center, Internet ikea shopping center in wuhan, wuhan, yichang new museum, pan yue city baoan (longchuan) industrial transfer park distributed photovoltaic power generation project, the Chinese people's liberation army military economic college library, haikou citizens visitor center, nanning international horticultural exposition venues, Shanghai natural in baise road garden expo garden, liuzhou, liuzhou kai yuan plaza, huaian JD center, your port high-speed, mianyang big blue coast project such as a large number of representative works. The completed and ongoing projects have been highly praised and commended by the owner and the general contractor.

Tengji construction adheres to the corporate philosophy and values of "continuously improving quality, focusing on technological innovation, pursuing excellence in service, and carving the future with heart". We will always take down-to-earth actions and the spirit of surpassing ourselves, win the reputation of customers with the quality of craftsmen and the best service, constantly improve the competitiveness of the brand, steady and go far, to build a better future together.

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